Network Solutions At Your Fingertips!

In today’s technical world, it helps to know a company who can assist in all phases of a computer network. Complete Networking Solutions wants to help. We specialize in designing and building large commercial networks. We help make sense of technology so you can continue teaching. We have specialists who design and troubleshoot networks to meet your current and future needs. Our certified technicians help clients achieve their goal by providing the following solutions:

Telecommunication/Internet Connections
If you’re tired of paying the exorbitant expenses of leasing a T1 line year after year, CNS can show you how you can have a dedicated fiber optic connection for a fraction of the cost.

Internal connections
CNS is a full service network company. You can trust us to design or upgrade your network.

Wireless networking
We do everything from site survey, to bulding the tower and supporting the installation.

Trust CNS to address the “headaches” of maintaining your network.

Network security
More important than ever, every network needs to be made secure.